Mat for Baby Boomers<br>Risa Sheppard<br>Class 657

Mat for Baby Boomers
Risa Sheppard
Class 657

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Had my class this morning! The workout went well, I added a few side leg series, ..had 6 ladies and they made me feel so good! Thank you for the cue using ping pong ball as the "center" focus! I was using soft golf balls ( they happen to be orange) for out feet, so I used that as the center! Worked great!
hi Ginger
so happy I could help you! . Thank you for sharing.com1
Helen H
I was hoping for more core activities and more body movement. There was almost four minutes of discussion before any movement began at all. I felt like I had a good stretch and appreciate the rich imagery Risa provided I'm 57 and want to keep myself limber and strong. I'm looking for more movement. Learned a lot. Will probably not take again.
This was a great class for those of us facing neck and back stiffness and weakness. Yes, there was a long intro and a few more comments than many of the classes, but I found Risa's comments thought-provoking. The pace is slower than some but very focused on maintaining openness and control for back flexibility. Familiar movements like the 100s and the Mermaid were adapted for additional back strengthening, and Risa suggested modifications for people with less flexibility. I look forward to doing this one again!
Suzanne D
This isn't a level 2, waaaaaaaay too much explanation. Please re-label, this was time I could have spent doing a more suitable program.
Mandy B
This was a great class. I loved the focus on the spinal articulation and loved the Sheppard swoop. I hope to see more of Risa on Pilates Anytime!
Quinn A
The Sheppard swoop is my favorite!
Sara M
Excellent class and explanations, Risa! Prior to this video, I was struggling to find my center. I knew it existed, but your description of being an inch below the belly button helped me focus on that spot throughout each exercise. I can really feel it!! Aside from improving my form and alignment during the video, focusing on the center has helped me become more mindful in my daily life. While walking I think about moving through my center, I think about what my shoulders are doing (they love to shrug) and can better tap into keeping them relaxed, and also find that I have been checking myself when I slouch while seated. I've watched this video several times and will definitely return for refreshers!
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