Additional Abs<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 111

Additional Abs
Amy Havens
Class 111

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what a great little workout!
Thank youu Madonna!
Great quick ab work and back stretch for my post baby body. Thank you!
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Hi Dawn, thanks for watching and congratulations on your baby. Pilates is such a great postpartum workout! Keep it up!
Very effective and quick. I decided to do this right before going to sleep and am glad I did...feels like I just burned off a few bisquits I could not resist :)
Thank you Elina....yes this was a quick one. It was part of an hour long class that I divided into shorter segments. Glad you liked it!
Quick and easy on busy days when I can't fit a long workout in!
I'm a beginner and this was short enough to keep up but still a work out. Really enjoyed it and its something i could fit in on a busy day!
Hi Jessica....glad you like this short little class! Thanks for watching!
Short and sweet. Love it
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