Ladder Barrel Workout
Amy Havens
Class 1118

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Beautiful class, Amy. This will have to me my next piece of equipment for my studio. The small arc on the reformer has to do for now....:(
Incredible control - gorgeous!
Glorious! So glad to have another ladder barrel class. Great cueing of length and strength, Amy.
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Thanks everyone! Andy is truly wonderful to work with and is very strong so some of the things in this class may need to be modified for other students/clients. Glad you all enjoyed it! I have another ladder barrel class coming soon, similar, but it's me only and I do a few other exercises on it. Stay tuned!!
Thank you Amy, it was a great session. Andy, it is always a joy to watch you work, your an inspiration and very strong. Love Pilates with strength! Thanks guys!
Thank you Raymond! Keep up the great work yourself....we need more men to represent!!! Thanks for commenting!
How cool was this Amy?!?!? I never even thought of bicycle, don't know why..I felt like a dork, confusing for me to do perched up on the barrel. Thanks for the Sunday morning workout!
Amy.. you never cease to please!! I've just done this workout with Andy! Shame I wasn't in the same studio as you guys ... maybe next time :) Awesome class, thank you both
Hi Anita....thank you! I'd love to have you in the studio with me sometime.....let's make it happen!! Thanks for your support and your comments!

So smart and well designed. One of the best ladder barrel I've seen!
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