Standing Workout
Tash Barnard
Class 1122

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Very inspiring! Thank you!
It is a class of deep deep stretch with deep core muscle control. I can't help saying "I love it." :)
I love this session. What a great teacher!
I agree with the above comment. Classes like this just make me coming back to PA every day. Going to incorporate into my pilates/balance classes. Tasha, LOVE every one of your classes - the exercises, the cueing, the energy - brilliant! Will you ever be in NY?
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Great class! But I had difficulties to watch the white roller with the light background. It would be very helpful if the girls were in different positions on the screen so I could see the right posture from various points of view.
great adaptations, love the simple warm up with squat and articulation with the support of the roller
Thank you MBrigitta. Your feedback is very valuable. Thank you for sharing it!
You definitely got me working, Tash. Thanks a lot for this amazing short workout!
Wauw great ideas! Planning a foam roller class very soon and this is really helpful. I will use some of the moves in my standing warm-up. Thanks.
Love the fact that this class utilises gravity and balance to the full
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