Body-Opening Cadillac
Meredith Rogers
Class 1169

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Loved it! Thanks Meredith! You're the best
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Great!! Really enjoyed this. Been teaching more Cadillac, and I loved the back-bend with the fuzzies!!
Thank you ladies! Nice to see you here Basma.
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Awesome as always!! :)
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Great class, thanks so much :)
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Dear Meredith your classes are always fantastic ! Thank you ilaria
Thank you sweet Illaria. Hope to see you in person soon!
Thank you. I like the way you use your voice--inflection changes, minimal filler words. I also enjoyed the "just enough" of each exercise. Lovely work from end to end of the Cad. Would enjoy a little more lat. flexion & rotation nice that you included circle saw...loved your clarity on that. Clear teaching--nice for my TT students to watch you teach.
Thanks so much, Nancy!
Gasp!! Meredith Rogers, you are AMAZE! I learn so much each time I view your work. many many thanks! Simply put-beautiful. As always!
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