Creating your Own Resistance
Ton Voogt
Class 1172

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awesome workout delivered with lively energy. I also love her outfit. May I ask where does her top come from?
great class. Have to work on my teaser.
Wonderful workout! I especially liked Horseback and Breaststroke-Teaser. Cuing was fantastic.
Wow!!!! I love Ton's humor in his teaching yet amazing discipline as well. This reformer workout is perfection ! Also Adrianne was beautiful to watch !
Thank you guys. We had so much fun during this workout.
Serene, not sure where Adrianne got her top from....maybe Kristi knows.
Ton, such a refreshing and uplifting session to watch! I can't wait to workout with you and Michael at Premier Pilates in January!!
Cool. Liked the Circles into Long Spine.
Darn.. I asked Adrianne about her top that day (because I like it too!), but can't remember now. I'll ask her again!
Hey Kristi,
Please let me know if you find out.
Excellent workout! Great cues and delivery!! Thank you, Ton!
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