Intense and Dynamic Mat
Rael Isacowitz
Class 1178

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fierce!! thankyou for an amazing class
Intense and wonderful! I can't wait to meet you Rael at the ProBridge Training in September.
Thank you again Pilates Anytime for providing this experience. You have been a lifeline. This has expanded my view exponiently with all the different instructors and the passion that everyone has. It's contagious!
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Such an incredible soul! The energy that was generated through him and the participants was a gift to those of doing this class with PA. My dog stared at me the whole time wondering what was going on!
When is next time!?? I will come from Norway
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unbelivable, the energy and the power. Totaly inspiring!
Judith klein from Holland
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Amazing!! This is my favorite favorite class of fall times by far. He sets a new bar for me. Im so gratefull and I don't have to be Shakira to wath it and enkoy it. Thanks Rael you're the best!!! My spine really apreciate your wonderful job. I love you
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Rael's energy is so contagious you are compelled to give your best. Loved the class !
Thank you, Rael...for sharing your amazing energy with all if us...such a special event!!!
fabulous, thank you..
Loved this class. Totally rocked my world.
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