Spine Corrector Introduction
Amy Havens
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Amy - I love all of your classes. Thank you !! I am considering buying a Spine Corrector and don't know which one to get. Balanced Body has 3: The Clara with a high arc and deep well; The East Coast with a more gradual arc and a shallow well; and The Contour Step Barrel with a really gradual arc, but a deeper well than the East Coast, but not as deep as the Clara (at least that's the way it looks on their website.) How does one know which would be best, since I can't see them in person? Is it dependent on height (I'm 5'6"). Is it dependent on flexibility? Although I am 69-years-old, I am fairly flexible..... I love the look of the Gratz Spine Corrector - it looks to medium arc and a medium well.. but a high price tag I would appreciate any thoughts you have that might help me choose which Spine Corrector to buy. TIA. And keep those great classes coming !! P.S. It appears that most of the ones used in the classes here are the Balanced Body Clara model.
Hi Susan....you bring up many great questions and considerations here...hope I can help. Yes, most of what you see on the site are classes with the Clara Step Barrel as that's what my studio has as well as the Pilates Anytime studio. I like it very much, I'm 5'3 and feel good on it. You'd do fine on this too I believe. The Contour barrel is very nice too with it's gradual arc and may provide more length to explore. I have one of those as well and enjoy it. The Gratz is probably my favorite though! It's comfortable and I feel like I fit perfectly on it as well as any client I put on it...even tall folks. Most common though is Clara Barrel, you can't go wrong there. I'll put another class up soon......would you prefer the Spine Corrector.... or the 1/2 Arc?
TY! That helps. I was afraid you were going to say the Gratz. It looks really nice, but it is expensive. Since I have decided to buy a SC, I would prefer a nice Level 2 SC class please I had been planning on buying a baby arc, but after watching a whole bunch of Spine Corrector classes here at Pilates Anytime over the past 4 days, I have decided that a Spine Corrector is what I should buy. I love barrels of all kinds. At the local pilates studio where I take 2 mat classes a week, one of the instructors will sometimes pull the small barrels out and do the whole class with that. I always love those classes. But... I can only afford to buy one or the other, so I think I am going to buy the Spine Corrector. I am particularly interested in classes that work the mat routines on the Spine Corrector - stomach series, stretching (flexion, extension, side bends) and lots of hip flexor work. I need/want to keep my spine and hips flexible through my 70s and well into my 80s !
This is a very specific and useful tutorial. Thank you for the pure and safe spine mobilization techniques you have demonstrated so gracefully and eloquently.
Thank you Lauretta.....I really appreciate your honest comments.
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...wonderful tutorial...appreciate and enjoyed!
Thank you!
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Great tutorial Amy thank you!
Thank you Jennifer!
Thank you Amy, excellent 10 min. spine corrector and cues.
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