Baby Arc Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 1269

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1 person likes this. spine feels great now, thanks Meredith
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short and yummy ... great way to start or end a day.
Thanks gals!!
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Thank you Meredith. Perfect workout for me.
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Thank you for offering short but efficient and effective classes.
Thanks for your comments ladies! I love to hear from you.
Anything I can use instead of the baby arc? I live in Spain and where I am there are none to be found. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
Maria ~ Other instructors have suggested substituting pillows, rolled up blanket, rolled up yoga mat, and/or yoga blocks - depending on which exercise you are wanting to do and what works best with your body. The baby arc is product that Balanced Body carries, and I believe they ship internationally if you are interested in obtaining one.
Maria Parkes,
Anything that can be done on a baby arc can also be done on a BOSU ball. They may be a little easier to come by for you.

Thanks, Maria Wheeler!
Thank you Maria Wheeler and Meredith! I will follow up on all your suggestions. Thought you might like to know that I just finished a six week trip around the world (business mostly but also pleasure) and I took all of you around the world with me. If I did not have much time I would sneak in a 20 min. class after the day was finished. Now if I could only figure out how to do a Pilates mat class on the airplane! Thanks again to all of you for enriching my life. Maria
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