Baby Arc Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 1269

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Thank you for sharing that Maria. It touches me to know that we are positively affecting even the busiest lives. Love to you.
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Yep...Pilates on the Bosu! Thank you those sequences. Can't wait to share. Btw - you consistently deliver such a solid session with perfect cue-ing. Love your work & love PA! Rock on
Thank you Jennifer! Happy new year :)
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Meredith - that was fantastic ! I really feel Great now- super exercises for the baby arc! And your wonderful cueing- thanks so much!
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thank you great class and instruction. I am looking for classes like this at this duration for my morning workout. this class is perfect. i am a bit weak in the morning for boomerang, i have to work on that or modify. too much compression or i am not engaged or i am just not fit enough yet to tackle that position first thing in the morning without more warm up. Great Class and I will look for more like this, thank you.
Thanks, ladies!
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Muy buen trabajo! Perfecto para mis alumnos. Gracias
Muchas Gracias, Laura!
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Thanks Meredith, I love your classes. This is a really nice quick little workout or add on.
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