Hip Flexor Release Tutorial<br>Anthony Lett<br>Tutorial 1314

Hip Flexor Release Tutorial
Anthony Lett
Tutorial 1314

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Louise M
Thank you, we should do that everyday , anymore tips ???? 😅
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Hi Anthony, your blast from the past from Fitzroy Pilates days. So great to see you taking your work across the world. I will definitely check out your mat book to accompany the reformer book. I agree stretching for stiff sedentary clients is a must to any balanced Pilates studio session. Val from Melbourne
Monica W
Anthony grabbing the attention of dolphins at 1:26-1:29! 
Tanya S
Thank you thank you thank you thank you soooo much for teaching us pilates teaches who are struggling to get the education to "rock" a class, rock!!! thank you Mr Lett for your honest work, this stretch is a hit in my class. this made me feel accepted by clients, this gave me money, love and respect  words cannot express
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Wow Tanya!! That's terrific to hear and truly made my morning. Actually, my whole day!
Martha T
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Perfect for anyone and everyone! Thank you for the information & inspiration. 
Great tutorial. Benefit for almost all clients. Thank you
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