Reformer Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 132

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Absolutely!!! :) You guys should have a "Throw Back Thursday" promotion so more of these great videos are bumped to the top :D
That's a GREAT idea, Heather. Thanks!
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great class, love the jump board exercises to work on my tracking. thanks so much!
Thanks for going back to the oldies Erika...feeling a wave of nostalgia...xo
Great workout! I had a hard time hearing what springs I should have on though.
Oh my! Seeing these older classes come up periodically makes me feel a bit nostalgic. Kristy, I think there is a greater attempt to communicate springs in the newer classes...all the same, thank you for digging deep into the archives for this one.
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Awesome! Thanks for a great class!
Thank YOU for finding it Annie!
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Love this! Was looking for jump board classes, found this one-was this one of the first videos of you and Kristy working together? Wow, what a great idea!!! :))) thank you again terrific work as always
Patti...this was one of the very first videos filmed for Pilates Anytime. I am so happy that people are looking in the archives. Kristi and I worked almost solely together in those days....
WOW! Really illustrates how far PA has come.
Thank you!!!
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