Control from your Center
Christi Idavoy
Class 1349

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Excellent class- I see why you won the Next PA Instructor honor. Thank you!
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Really enjoyable!
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Ear lobes through side of rib cage through sitz bones! killer (as in GREAT!) cue for me! thank you!
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Very good! Love the way you teach.
The girl in the blue shirt moves so good, she knows what she is doing!
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Awesome Class !! Love your transition cues ~ makes my movements flow more gracefully :D
AND Im pretty sure that is Meredith Rogers (PA Instructor) in blue as well as Kristi Cooper herself in front :)
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Excellent cues!
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Thanks for a terrific class, Christi! Just what I needed after I pinched a nerve in my neck. This did the trick and I feel 10 times better.
Thanks everyone! I'm so glad it's been helpful. I'm really grateful to get the feedback!
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Loving her already! Perfect class for those days when you're really sore, but you still want to do something
Loved this class. Helped me put in to words cues I was trying to tell my clients. Thanks!
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