Control from your Center
Christi Idavoy
Class 1349

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Delicious class, I loved how guided it was. Thank you
Thanks for this class Christi. Brilliant cueing!
Beautiful cues and transitions! Thank you for a lovely class
Beautiful flow!
Wonderful class and I appreciate the translation into Spanish to not miss any detail. Many thanks!
I love the earlobes alignment cue. Excellent class for all levels. Thank you !!!
I really enjoyed this class. Cueing was brilliant, especially when you can't see the screen :)
I enjoyed the cueing, but have to say that agree with neither the pace nor the level description of this class - for instance, Roll-over into corkscrew is not Level 1/2 in my opinion, but hard even at Level 2 which I practice quite regularly. "Every body" is different of course, but this felt rather difficult for me. Not my thing, sorry to say, but again, I liked Christi's creativity and flow!
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