Romana's Reformer Flow<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 1350

Romana's Reformer Flow
Monica Wilson
Class 1350

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This was a great quick workout thx!
Loved the workout but had a challenge with changing the springs as the instructor failed to mention the colors being added or removed. My reformer has a red, two green and two yellow. So had to guess and keep going ahead.
I would love some kind of conversion guide for all makes. I had to guess as I have 1 red 2 yellow and 2 blue? (Mve reformer)
Natalie ~ We have a blog post that explains the differences between the springs on different brands of Reformers. You can find it here. I hope it helps you.
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Another frustrating workout with no springs mentioned till later. Definitely getting frustrated with PA reformer wprkouts. Can't imagine going to a studio and the instructor just letting me guess. Isn't that why I'm paying for the membership.
Elizabeth ~ Since there are so many different types of reformers with varying spring strengths, our solution thus far has been to encourage the instructors to state whether the resistance is meant to be light, medium or heavy for any given exercise in hopes the viewer will make the necessary adjustments to keep good form.

For the exercises that Monica teaches, in their order, I'd suggest:

3-4 springs for Footwork and Hundred
2 springs (two reds, or one red and one green) for Short Spine and Coordination
1 spring for Pulling Straps/T-Pull
2 springs for Backstroke
1 spring for Teaser
2 springs for Shortbox Series and Longstretch, Downstretch, Upstretch, and Elephant
4 springs for Stomach Massage Round, 3 for Flat, and 2 for Hands Off
2 springs for Knee Stretch Series
4 springs for Running and Pelvic Lift
Monica Wilson
Hi everyone! A thousand apologies for your frustration. I've been reading all your comments and am definitely listening. I went through the whole workout again to see how I could be misleading so many people:( The springs in this workout are actually very simple and easy to follow. I start off with 3 springs and then from there I add or drop a spring as I go along. In attempt to keep a good flow going I do mention these transitions very quickly but they are there. I believe what might be extremely frustrating is that is the only thing I have to negotiate. Because I am working on a Gratz Reformer with 4 springs of equal tension I do not mention colors or tensions of springs.
Monica Wilson
(Cont'd) If you have a reformer that has varying spring tensions, my friends Maria and Gia have done a beautiful job of explaining the differences. I am sure it would have been much nicer to understand this and get the spring breakdown ahead of time if you are not working on a Gratz Reformer. I hope this helps and please keep voicing your opinion(s) so I can keep them in mind:) Monica
Thanks Monica!
Loved this workout! Keep them coming Monica! :)
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