Pilates Arc Workout
Tom McCook
Class 1408

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excellent, I am gonna use it in my class today! Thanks Tom.
Oh how I adore all classes from Tom McCook! Thank you and I look forward to more!!!
I don't know why I waited so long to try this class. Tom, this class was amazing! I love your cueing. It is calming, reassuring and very effective. You are the Pilates version of McDreamy! More Pilates arc please!
Great class, I really enjoyed it and felt more mobile through my thorax afterwards, loved the instruction which was very clear and helped focus right in on movement quality - I'm looking forward to doing this class again!!
My new daily routine , perfect timing, execution and level of challenge , thank you Tom Mc Cook :)
Beautiful! I have just bought 10 Arcs and holding Pilates Arc Classes - Such a versatile Prop! Thankyou Tom and Pilates Anytime - you guys just get better and better and better and …………..x
I absolutely loved it! Thank you!
Used this as my first workout for 2017, and it was exactly what I needed! Every time I repeat a class with Tom, I discover something new. My favorite cue: breathe low and wide.
I come back to this class often and revisited it today. I’m a singer and dancer and have felt very limited breath-wise and constricted in my diaphragm lately and felt this is what would help. I just stood up after taking this class and feel literally 10 ft tall. My clients will be doing Arc stuff all day today;). Yum
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