Mat Workout
Kristi Cooper
Class 1487

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Kristi, this class was wonderful! I loved it!
Thank you Hilary!
You, and this class, go directly to "favorites"!!
Woo hoo!! Thank you Joni! That feels good!
Hi Kristie,
Nice workout, hits all the right spots for me.
One question: in single leg kicks my knees 'snap'. I can't really see it but I think my lower legs and ankles are slightly rotated (outward) relative to my tights. When I try to correct that (flexing my feet and pointing my toes toward each other) my knees don't snap anymore (only when I do slow movement) but it's forcing/pressing my thighs into an outward rotation like hell which hurts in my lower back and it feels like I'm forcing my knee joint.
Is there a video instruction somewhere to break this exercise down so I can try to build it up from scratch or get some alternatives in how to place the legs? Unfortunately there's know studio in my area where I can be trained properly...
Hi Edith, Thanks for the feedback and your question. Sometimes knee snapping happens when we are lying on our quads then forcing them to lengthen (in this case when you bend the knee to kick), The first thing I would try would be to lower your upper body position (Move your elbows forward) so some of the pressure will come off of the thighs. You also may want to relax your feet (no point or flex) so they don't guide the whole lower leg and you rely on the hamstring instead. We are working on redoing our entire exercise section right now because we think we can do better and offer more than what we have now, but in the meantime, here is a short video description of it.
Single Leg Kick
Thanks Kristi, I will try it with these modifications!
Oh...and by the way: I'm officially addicted to your website, I've got it open most of the day. Don't make the site too good otherwise my husband will complain that I can better marry Pilates Anytime....
Ummm... I'll do my best to NOT make PA too good (lying!)
Edith, I will work my bum off to make this site so awesome that EVEN your husband want's to play! In the meantime... I'll trust that you shut us down when appropriate
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This was one of the best workouts for me!!! Perfect! Hit all the right notes! I loved the quick pace and perfect cuing!!! maybe waking up on the wrong side of the bed is a good thing for all of us out here in internet land. again thank you so much for PA!!!Life saver!!
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