Mat Workout
Kristi Cooper
Class 1487

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Loved it!Thank you so much!
Great class Kristi, thanks
The Best workout after a 10 hour flight. Do I feel so much better. Loved the variation of spine stretch.
Big sigh. Great start to the day!
Just what the doctor ordered while being flooded out in rainy England!
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the feedback. Zilla sorry to hear about the flooding in your area!
Thanks Kristi! Quick question about the open leg rocker, I find that when I try to open up my chest (in the starting position) I'm gripping my ankles more, forcing my shoulders to start to round there anything I can do here to decrease the pulling I'm doing to hold myself in the start position? Thanks!
Hi Kerry,
Well... you could hold lower down on your legs (your calves) so you don't have to reach so far or you could slightly bend your knees. Make sure you're not overly straightening your back too. The lower back will be rounded if only a little throughout the exercise. I hope this helps! Thanks!
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My husband thinks that I am married to Pilates and Pilates Anytime too. I am! It's the love of my life! He understands though and doesn't mind being 2nd:) Great Class Kristi!!!!
Thank you Kristi! I enjoyed your class a lot. You put all the right things in just a little more than half an hour which makes the class excellent for me when I don't have much time but still need a full-body exercise. Greets from rainy and cold Slovenia - I was quite surprised over the cloudy sky outside from your studio. So clouds happen also in California? ;)
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