Reformer Workout
Dana Santi
Class 1490

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great class! Wish we had more 30 minute level 1 reformer classes.
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really enjoyed this class
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I was craving a run through the basics of a Pilates workout and this hit the spot. Loved the "push" cues, it makes a huge difference in what muscles are working. Thank you!
Need to add short box to the equipment needed, so this filters correctly. I don't have one, so had to skip part of the video.
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Amy ~ Thank you for your forum post. Because the Box is part of the Reformer and is used for the traditional repertoire, we don't consider it a prop. We do have a tutorial with some modifications you can do if you don't have a Box. We also have a playlist which includes Reformer classes without a Box. We hope to add more to this playlist soon! I hope this helps!
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really amazing class. I'm feeling very good now :)
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i love this class. this is my second time trying it but i love to know which spring to use every time. very good class though!!
Hi Amy,
To add to what Gia Calhoun, said above, we have a way you can filter for Reformer classes that don't require the use of the box. If you filter by apparatus, you will find all the classes that we know of that don't use a box. Reformer (No Box)
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I agree that the spring setting that you use would be nice to hear. Played around on my reformer and did my best...nice cues. Thank you!
Looking for beginner classes for fiancé. In the first two minutes I know he’ll be confused. She doesn’t say foot position, just that all toes should be on. I see that it’s a “pilates V”, heels together toes apart. Also, what does a long tailbone mean? Does she want a neutral lordodic spine or does she want it imprinted? I’ll keep looking bc a level one should be very descriptive.
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