Challenging & Controlled Mat<br>Norris Tomlinson<br>Class 1492

Challenging & Controlled Mat
Norris Tomlinson
Class 1492

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Beautiful cueing, truly enjoyed watching it, thank you!
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Extensive and thorough cueing. Wonderful. Thank you!
Cathy M
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Loved this class, the variations were really fun and challenging. And enjoyed doing exercises in neutral pelvis for a change.
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Enjoyed this class, the cueing and the variations. I liked so much these creative double leg stretch series.
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love it! I enjoy watching an instructor cue and correct a student rather than them being at the front of the class demonstrating.
Helen H
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Great class. Strong workout with great cueing as noted. The class is listed, however in the 30-40 minute range and it is 25:27. fyi.
Ronda P
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Loved the neutral Pelvis variations. Thank you Norris!
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Exception insight and instruction!
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Great cueing! Thank you!
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More classes by Norris, please.
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