Romana's Mat Flow
Dana Santi
Class 1497

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I enjoyed this class again tonight, but this time I was in my hotel room while on a two day holiday! Thanks Dana!
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The teaser is always better after a glass of somethin' somethin':)))))) Have a great holiday!
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Oh, I love this class for reminding me why Joe never leveled his work. Integrity of movement is all you ever need! Fun Dana, I am really becoming a fan of your endings! Thanks ladies!!!
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Great class. Really loved your saw and teaser and the really hard ending too. Thanks!
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I liked the class and instructions, but don't have a mat with the straps, blocks, and handles. I appreciated the attention to detail. Thanks.
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Patrick, sometimes you can push your hands or your feet into the wall to get a similar feel of the straps and poles.
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Wow, wonderful and intense! I don't have the related props but felt I was able to benefit from the instructor's deep cueing.


Patrick I just did Dana's other Mat class at home last night without the mat and strap and just as Dana says if you push your feet into a wall (or in my case a railing in my loft) it works surprisingly well. Hope you have the same luck.
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Love this class. Clear, precise instructions. The cues were very helpful!
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