Chair Exercises for Seniors
Sherri Betz
Class 1499

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This was wonderful information, Sherri! I have a few seniors I have been working with and this workout will be perfect!! Love your cue to bend at the hip and the knee will automatically bend. Changes with quality of movement for sure! I am a Fletcher Teacher so LOVE that you use the towel work in your program! :)
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Thanks so much Bonnie! I am so happy that you found the information useful for helping older adults maintain their independence and quality of life!
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I taught some of these exercises yesterday with great success! One lady of 93 and another lady with Parkinson's really enjoyed their class. Thank you Sherri!!
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dear Sherry
Thank you for being here in PA.
You think is a good idea doing this heel raise sequence before repeating the same with the Chair during the same session or it would be too much ?
In the case the two sequences are too much which one of two is the best starter ?
Hoping you understand my words ...
Monica italia
Dear Monica,
Thank you for your question. I think it is fine to repeat a series. Just watch your students for signs of fatigue (Knee bending, pelvis dropping, pelvis thrusting forward) to see if they can handle the second set of heel raises. When I start with a new class, I have to give fewer exercises in standing and divide the class into 4 series in standing and 4 in sitting until they build their standing tolerance and endurance. As they improve I give 3 longer standing sessions and only 2 seated sessions. (Basically, if I could teach the WHOLE class in STANDING, I would, but I have to give them breaks at first)
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Another consideration is that more variety of exercises in different positions challenges the nervous system. I feel that variety should be another part of exercise prescription (intensity, duration, frequency and VARIATION)
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Thank you Sherri , this is a great class for senior that i'll use for sure. :)
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This was great, thank you, Sherri. I have been teaching a seated / standing class for a few months now and this has given me some ideas for further exercises and variations. I particularly like the idea of using a dowel to ensure good alignment of the spine in the hinging exercises. Looks like I will be visiting my local hardware shop very soon!
Great news Gabrielle! I am so happy that folks like you are out there teaching this very underserved population! Where do you live? I would be happy to help promote your class. Please send me your details about the classes you teach. I get questions from folks all over the US, looking for a safe exercise class for osteoporosis and older adults. I post links to teachers here: //
Jean, I am so happy that you were able to share the exercises with your client with Parkinson's and your 93 year old client! Where do you teach the classes?
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