Chair Exercises for Seniors
Sherri Betz
Class 1499

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Thank you so much for sharing !
My private clients are all female and 50% of them are seniors.
I would love to take either one of your courses on Osteoporosis.
I see on your website that all your courses are in the US.
Would be amazing if we could see you in Asia. Until than I am thankful to PA :)
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This is a wonderful class. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you Jitka...I am so glad you enjoyed the class. I may be in Japan this spring to speak at a conference on Aging...stay tuned!
Thank you Kathleen!
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Fantastic class :o) I teach Falls Prevention as well as Pilates and am really looking forward to adding some of these exercises to my classes. Your teaching is lovely and so clear. Thank you x
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Thank you Alison! Where do you teach your Falls Prevention Classes? I would like to refer people to your classes.
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Teaching my first Pilates For Seniors Group Class tomorrow. Excited to share this knowledge. Thank you!
That's wonderful! I am so glad that you will be teaching this underserved population! Best of luck to you!
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Thanks Sherri x so many pointers and tips in this class for people with challenges to their balance and posture LOVED it x
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Great ideas, thank you Sherri Betz
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