Chair Exercises for Seniors
Sherri Betz
Class 1499

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Thank you Sherri for the excellent chair class. I mainly teach in a studio setting but this year will be teaching at a wellness center for seniors with changes in cognition. I am also offering a chair class at my local community center. I will definitely incorporate some of these movements into my programming. Your cueing and clarity is fantastic. THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge with us.
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Great class Sherri. I trained to become a Pilates teacher in the hope I'd be able to help my Mum but quickly realised she would be unable to practice mat work, even with adaptations. This class will be much more manageable. Look forward to trying it out with her and watching more classes for Seniors. Thank you!
Deirdre and Jennifer, Thank you so much for this positive feedback! I am so happy that you will be teaching this underserved population. You will change their lives!
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Thank you! I will use these exercises with our seniors in our chair class.
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Thank you Sherri for sharing these exercises that allow us all to move and be safe. I have an 88 year old client that I will be teaching these to.
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Buzzing and smiling
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This is such smart work 
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