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Polestar Pilates Training
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Discussion 1517

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I have been wanting to take Polestar training after attending Pilates Anytime classes with Brent Anderson. This discussion is such a gift!!! Thank you so much!!! I am calling the main office tomorrow!
Wonderful Jeanne! We intend to feature more training programs in hopes that we continue to answer questions related to individual programs in the coming weeks. I'm glad we managed to answer your remaining questions regarding the Polestar Pilates training!
Yeong Cheol C
very nice!
I visited Polestar Pilates in Coral Gables last week while on a business trip with my husband. A Polestar staff member was very gracious and gave us a wonderful tour of the facility. I hope to return and be a part of the Polestar community.
Nice to hear the history and evolution of an excellent program. Great interview, love Polestar !
I am a current student on the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Studio course in Sydney, Australia. The deciding factor in enrolling was watching Brent, Sherri and Shelley teaching and presenting here on Pilates Anytime. Now I just need you guys to put up more Polestar classes so that I can use them for Observation and Personal Practice hours;)
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What an excellent series of short videos! Thank you for putting this together! They were very informative. Just what I needed to help me make a decision of where to start my pilates education.
I love Pilates Anytime as this is the only link to the real Pilates for me living in Poland. I'm so happy to have opportunity to exercises with the best Pilates instructors and educators from all over the world. Sadly as I'd love to take Pole Star Pilates education I can only depend on online corses. Living in Poland wont give me a chance anytime soon to participate live in the education. So this is my question: is it possible to be fully qualified Polestar Pilates trainer. I think this education is the most acurate to most of my clients. I'm ging to take Brent Anderson's Workshops but it is still not the full education so I could say I'm a Polestar instructor if you know what I mean.
Thank you again for being your memeber you are giving me the energy and inspiratoin for my job.
Dear Pilatessaw,
thank you for the nice complement. I wish we could make it that easy. What makes Polestar a great company to train with as many of my fellow schools is the onsite training and competencies necessary to demonstrate ability to be a Polestar Teacher. I would encourage you to write directly me at brent@polestarpilates.com if you like and I can give you information to fulfill your dream, that might not be as hard as you think. B
This is very interesting, however, similar to Ania, we do not have the opportunity to take Polestar certification here in Costa Rica. I'd love to have a comprehensive certification like this one but Pilates is not very well known here, I only have a mat and reformer certification. I hear from Shelly that it might take 10 months. What is the shortest term that a comprehensive certification could take?
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