Restorative Mat Workout
Debora Kolwey
Class 1548

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Fantastic! Thank you so much for this class. I loved feeling my jellyfish brain and cue ball head.
40 minutes seemed like 5 minutes and I feel so refreshed! Love the imaginative, crystal clear cues.
wonderful :)
How amazing is this! Fantastic original cues, lovely relaxation. Very powerful. Thank you.
Love the simplicity of this work & how integrated the imagery supports the movement. Thanks Deb!
Wow… So needed this so bad after a crazy week of teaching! I started feeling like a brick and finished feeling like lava!! So excited for your workshop next week… x
Lovely relaxation. Something i'd never have taken the time to do on my own. Thank you :)
PS : the sea out there was so very still when you filmed this, a perfect match to the spirit of the class, congratulations!!
Thank you Anne, for your feedback. We all need thiis. I look forward to going back to PA in February and being by that beautiful sea!
Disappointed, too meditative. Was looking for a relaxing class with lots of stretching.
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Amelia ~ I'm sorry this class wasn't what you were looking for. Anthony Lett has taught many classes that include a lot of stretching. I think you will like them. You can find all of Anthony's classes here.
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