Outdoor Reformer
Meredith Rogers
Class 1581

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Very nice class Meredith, like always ;)
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Great solid class--even more inspirational overlooking the ocean with you! Thank you :)
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Super great class Meredith :) Thank You.
I really enjoy the variety in your classes…
realized I was going to say routines but that was my point.. your classes are anything but routine. I look forward to your next one.
do you use ring or oveball for classes on Reformer, I would to try one of yours ????
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As ever another winner. Thank you
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Great class. Your creativity keeps me motivated. Thank you!
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Great class. How can you possibly speak while jumping? :) thanks Meredith.
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Awesome! Thanks for a great workout!
Thanks for taking class with me, ladies, and for sharing your wonderful feedback! It was fun to teach outside on that beautiful day.
Yugonda, I will try to incorporate a ring or a ball next time I film.
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Really lovely class Meredith!!
thank you I sure enjoy your classes!
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