Kathy Grant Abdominals
Maria Earle
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Alison - Great question. Thanks for asking. Your totally right about the weights grounding the legs and lower body. To be honest, when I was in my twenties I resisted using the ankle weights thinking that I did not need them….that I knew how to work in a deep and ¨anchored¨ way. It was not until many years later that I finally understood Kathy´s brilliance for using them. Now, I love using ankle weights! In Kathy´s studio the ankle weights were worn for certain exercises (not all) and I think it would be safe to say that not everyone used them. It was more like, ¨ try that again with ankle weights and see if it helps.¨ Then it was up to the individual to remember when to use them.
Part 2: I remember using the ankle weights for some of her warm-ups that required more anchoring through the legs and also for parts of the Side-Kick Series. I also remember that I liked using the ankle weights much more that the weighted ¨shoes¨ she had from Mr. Pilates. Ugg, those were so uncomfortable. LOL. I´d like to also add that our bodies are in constant state of flux so some days you might need weights to be successful and other days not. You gotta go with the flow! ;)
Hi Maria, thank you for this class and the explanation about Kathy's thoughts. I will remember the phrase " organize your body" with my students.
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