Reformer Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 1624

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I love that this is an arm and abs workout. Its in my weekly classes. Along with your legs workout and your mens sports workout. Its hard to choose as i love them all. :))))))
Amazing! As always! Your workouts are inspiring. Looking foward to try some of these moves in my classes!!! Thank you!
This was my first workout back on pilates anytime since my hip surgery and it was amazing. I feel great. Im still in PT for a few more weeks but we have been incorporating pilates into my rehab. Thankyou :))))))
I loved your work on the reformer with the roll down bar. Very challenging! I will be doing this again!
Still love this class. Will keep doing over and over. Its the bangs!!!!!! Lol :)
WOW! That was an amazing class, will definitely be doing this again. Thank you!
So creative and fun!!! Thank you!!!
Awesome workout as usual Courtney. Love your classes
Awesome as usual, thanks Courtney
beautifully taught class. Thank you
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