Mat Workout
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 1627

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A great class Sarah. I like the flow and the faster paste of this session. Thank you.
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DONE! it was so good! thanx, Sarah! ;)
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beautiful workout! thank u
Loved it. You shine!
very good flow:; clear instructions; challenging workout...thank you Sarah
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Loved it... thank you...
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I enjoyed the standing part as an added challenge and to mix things up. Overall a great class!
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Great find from the archives. Thank you!
Hi Ivan Z! Sorry I missed your comment. Always good to mix things up every now and again.  Glad the class worked for you! 
Leah K, I have such great memories of this class.  Great company in the class and we worked hard...I believe PA fixed the Air conditioning after we filmed this one.  We were all drenched. LOL. 
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