Chair Workout
Portia Page
Class 1700

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Nice wake up, thank you!
Really enjoyed this!
Thanks for another great workout!
Fantastic!! The side work was so hard but I loved it. Thank you:)
Portia, nice work love the single leg w/ torso variations. The side lying looks a little evil, my weak spot. Also the plank variations great. Thank you….
Great class, I feel wonderful, thank you!
Thanks for your very clear cues. Even without looking you made it easy to follow. Keeping it on the same springs made it flow.
Loved the flow....Great workout !
You're a great teacher. I love the way you work because you make me to understand very clear the exercises and your work is very clean. Thank you, Portia
so would you call this a "medium tension" spring setting? I have a Stott Chair and have to figure out the spring tension from other chairs.
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