Wunda Chair Workout
Amy Havens
Class 1701

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Love this! As always Amy you never disappoint! Love your way of teaching. Thank you
This was great Amy! Loved the inner thigh cue and you've given me some twists to work on for sure there at the end
Loved this class! I always enjoy your classes and learn from them. As you cued for engaging the inner thighs I thought of the workout you demonstrated last summer with Cara Reeser on the Wanda chair. Perhaps she was the one you were looking to credit...
Thank you guys! Sari.....I think I learned that inner thigh cue a long, long time ago, in fact I know I did. I may have been one from Gary Calderone (my first teacher) and he was a student from the Boulder school, Pilates Center. I have a feeling it was a fairly 'original' cue for that exercise, but nonetheless, it works! :)
Thanks for taking class with me!
Loved it! I also love the inner thigh cueing and the cue gave when doing Swan about pulling the pedal toward you rather than thinking of pulling it down, really helped with retracting scapula. thank you Amy!
Thank you Connie!! :)
Really good class, excellent execution of some tough moves. Thanks
Thank you for this excellent short & sharp class Amy! Love your attention to detail :)
Wow...you make it look effortless...this is a great one to show advancement...less spring, more me? Thank you! Again WOW
Thanks everyone! :) I love the Chair and yes Jennifer...less spring, more me....or YOU! Enjoy!
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