Wunda Chair Workout
Amy Havens
Class 1701

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Great Cues and fun challenging teaser! Thanks Amy!!
Cant wait to try this class. gonna carve out some me time.
Hi Denee.....did you get to carve out some time for class?!! :)
It suddenly stopped at 23 minutes and would not return.
Helen ~ I'm sorry the video stopped when you were watching it. I recommend restarting your computer to clear away the other processes that are running, and then trying the video again. If you continue to have trouble with the video stopping, please email us at contact@pilatesanytime.com.
Wonderful class amy! I would love to see a rotation and ab class on the chair from you! Love the side teaser at the end : )
Hi Jessica, thank you!! This class was a bit on the ab and rotation side of things....what else would you like to see? I'm up for it :)
Great class! I loved the teaser twist instructions! And thank you for giving tension recommendations.
Thank you Heidi! :)
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Thanks for the great work out !
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