Creating Space in your Body<br>Michele Larsson<br>Class 1707

Creating Space in your Body
Michele Larsson
Class 1707

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I loved this session! It made me miss when I was privileged to be Michelle's apprentice more than a decade ago. Wonderful exercise and cues. Many thanks!
This looks like it felt delicious. I can't wait to try this class. Michele, I love your cueing. It is delivered with precision and a little humor. Kristi, I can only imagine how great you felt after this class. You are a beautiful mover!
Jodi H
Does anyone know if that wide strap used at the end of this great session is available for purchase? I love the idea of having a tool like this to give people tactile feedback to move through their spine and ribs more evenly. Thank you for giving us access to Michelle -- she is amazing.
Hi Jodi, If I remember correctly, I think Michele had the strap made... We can send her an email to ask her.

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Jodi ~ I found the strap that Marie-José Blom created on the Balanced Body website. I believe this is the strap Michele was using. I hope this helps! Here is the link: // peze-tower/accessories/stability-sl ing.html
Jodi H
Thank you so much, Gia.
Truly enjoyed watching and experiencing this class...learned new techniques that I will certainly incorporate into various level client programs...and, yes, I would have loved to be the student here! Thank you Michelle!
This was like a treat after a long day, any possibility of more cadillac from Michelle? Thank you so much PA.
Z A Michele is coming back to film more on May 4th. We have her teaching a Reformer and a chair class I think. I'll let her know that there are requests coming in for more Cadillac and see if we can either fit it in or possibly switch out the chair class. Thanks for the feedback!
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You are my angel Kristi:))))))))
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