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Thank you for sharing your experience with Eve Gentry.I often think Eve Gentry does not get the recognition she deserves.Wonderful stuff.
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Thank you for sharing. x
What a beautiful and heartfelt story! Thank you!!
Deb, I was missing you and I played these while I worked. I felt like you were talking just to me. You are such a bright spirit and I love the stories and experiences you shared.
Debora, I am a Pilates instructor and I also want to have 'that thing' you mentioned! And that I have seen that the Elders had, they were just amazing! Thanks for sharing this with us!
thanks loved watching this interview i felt like i was out in boulder again learning giving up my stuff
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What Eve was shines through you and is mixed in with your wonderful spirit and intelligence. She was the rising dough and you are the chewy bread! You are remarkable and I look forward to seeing you in San Diego in November.
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Thanks for this interview. Eve must have been a great person and obviously you are too.
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