Hips, Arms, and Deep Abs<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 1729

Hips, Arms, and Deep Abs
Mariska Breland
Class 1729

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Kaita! you rocked it girl! Great workout, can't wait to try some of these cues and exercises out in the studio. Thank you, Mariska for the great ideas and inspiration.
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This is the stuff I live for. Includes loads of info that makes such a difference when doing/teaching a class. Thank you.
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great class - great pace - great cueing - thankyou and I too appreciated the cues on which springs you were using.
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I liked the class very much, very good workout for the full body
Lucie Bécus
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Loved it - challenging and motivating!
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Great class Mariska! Challenging and new variations. I will definitely need to do this class a few times to see if I can get it better in my body. Thanks!
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Fantastic class!
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Really enjoyed this class. My inner gymnast is happy
; ) Lovely instruction and demonstration of the work.
Hi Mariska - I had a question in regards to the Pull Ups (Pikes) on the chair. Is there a way to modify them to make it easier for a beginner? Perhaps 3 exercises that would prepare someone for the pull ups? Thanks!
Hi Jacqueline - Yes! First, the prep exercise is standing press down (washer woman, standing pike - it has many names). Instead of standing with your feet on the pedal, stand away form the pedal on the floor, round your lumbar spine, lifting your abs up towards your spine, and push down with your hands on the pedal and your feet on the floor. You can progress to doing this on tiptoes or with one leg bent into the chest. The most important thing here is to NOT stick your butt out when pressing the pedal down. (A good assist is the teacher standing with her hip behind the student's bum so she can't lean back to come up). Although it doesn't sound very difficult, if you do it right, it is incredibly tough!
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