Isometric Reformer Challenge<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 1731

Isometric Reformer Challenge
Mariska Breland
Class 1731

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Fabulous!! Julian certainly knew what he was doing when he chose you for mentorship! You are amazing!
Thanks Kerry! What a lovely compliment! We all miss him very much!
Lauren Ashley
Mariska, I am so challenged and entertained by your classes! Thank you for that wonderful class I am always excited when new stuff comes out from you.
Vicente Diaz De Leon
Me too ! I caught myself smiling every time I tried keeping the carriage still mhhh ... I had the pleasure of being Julian's translator for a workshop he gave in Mexico and I recall his style of being intense and funny all at the same time. He had us in stitches constantly. Nothing could be lost in translation with his kind of universal sense of humor. Thank you Mariska for your amazing class and thank you pilates anytime for helping in passing the torch and for being accessible for all of us.
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what a wonderful class, thank you Mariska.....this was exactly the work I needed today :)...full concentration to my body
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Thank you .
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great class! You are awesome Mariska! I wish I could move to your city and have you as my teacher! Thank you Pilates Anytime!
Just come visit! We would have so much fun!
Genious!!!! I really enjoyed this class!!!
Great class I really liked the challenge of keeping the carriage steady! Will enjoy teaching it to my clients
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