Magic Circle Burn
Brett Howard
Class 1811

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Lovely, thank you. Will try this with my guys tonight, they love the circle - and now I have much new inspiration.. your friendliness combined with a straight disciplined way of talking by radiating calmness is wonderful. Presented in this way pilates is also attracting yoga people. Like your work very much!
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Anyone else inspired to complete all those beats simply by admiring Brett's gorgeous legs? ;)
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Fantastic class Brett.
Thank you :)
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Great ideas to add magic to the circle!
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Fantastic Class filled with great progressions and variations. Loved it:)
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Brent, This was a great class! During the hip and leg work. what do you mean by turning the leg parallel while holding the magic circle?

Pls make a short snippet and make a class of the magic circle head work for the "facelift" and to prevent the "double chin." This was quite good!

This class was a bit beyond my level but I was able to apply the principles of the intermediate class of balance from last week to try and keep good form between left and right.

Also, could we have a couple of classes or a playlist of classes for students trying to advance from beginning to intermediate?

Thanks again!
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Thank you Brett for an excellent class!
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Loved the pace. Not too fast as some classical workouts and not painfully slow. Clear cues. Kudos for counting. Lots of variety.
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Marvellous ....roller class please!!!
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Great energy, humor and excellent transitioning between sequences....I could feel the shaking in my abs just watching them!
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