Mat Workout
Rebekah Rotstein
Class 1815

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Lovely lovely lovely! Thank you Rebekah!
Really nice Rebekah. I feel great! Thank you!
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This class was much too short !!! I would have liked it to last forever ! Thanks for this LOVELY treat, Rebekah :))
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I agree with Anne - this class was too short! All those spirals woke up some parts of my body which were tight and I feel sooo good now! Thank you Rebekah for this nice and creative workout. I also learned some new things through your rich cueing...
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Fun and challenging, two of my favorite things. Thank you!
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Love your positive energy. Thank you for the thoughtful use of biomechanically correct movements. Your moves find stuck places in my body, helping to strengthen weak glut med and lengthen tight psoas. Looking forward to more classes from you.
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DELICIOUS! And love the nod/inclusion of a little Laban-Bartenieff! Definitely a personal interest of mine--occasionally including other modalities.
Nice light workout. Good to see your version of the use of the Overball.
Very very nice...thank you!
Beings you have osteoporosis, is this workout safe for osteoporosis clients? Or do we need to modify for those people.
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