Hip Extensors and Flexors<br>Christi Idavoy<br>Class 1847

Hip Extensors and Flexors
Christi Idavoy
Class 1847

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Thank you all for your feedback! I am so grateful that you feel better after the class and find the cues meaningful. Thank you PA for this wonderful forum and space to share what we love!
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Loved your class Christi! Lots of detailed information and cueing for body awareness
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Finally got to do this class! Thanks Christi!
Ingrid J
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A great class for the hips! My hips and legs felt fantastic, and adjusted, after doing the class. I am not sure it's a level one class, but great cueing just the same! Thanks
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Thank you for breaking it down...very powerful.
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Thank you this was so great for my overworked hip flexors and a great reminder for my hip extentors to wake up.
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Thanks for this class great cueing! Great for opening hips and sides of body, body awareness and love the extension variations.
This is listed with no props, but it requires a box. Please correct.
Kelly ~ Thank you for your forum post. The Box is part of the Reformer and a majority of our Reformer classes use the box. Therefore, we don't list it as a prop for these classes. We do have Reformer classes without a box on the site. I hope you enjoy these!
Neville T
I suffer from Osteitis Pubis, normally a footballers injury & wondered if this session or any other ones you do would be good for my condition?
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