Detailed Mat Sequencing<br>Susan Salk<br>Class 1884

Detailed Mat Sequencing
Susan Salk
Class 1884

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Susan is the absolute best! Thanks for bringing such clarity and heart to the work. Many many thanks for sharing!!!! Much love!
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Lovely class - great ideas - love the side lying standing work. Will be adding that to my Level 1/2 classes for a challenge. Thank you
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Quite the welcome back to Pilates workout after three years away from class. Great class.
Joanne, Joy and Nicole; Thank you for your comments. I'm glad that you got something to take to your own classes Joanne, and welcome back to your practice, Joy. As for my colleague and right hand gal, are the best!
Sue B
thank you Susan , some great ideas and reminders .Enjoyed it very much.

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Thanks for letting me know that the class was meaningful. It's always a treat to hear that you've made an impact.
first class today. Wish me luck.
Great class! I especially liked the focus on standing work. I broke my leg a few months ago and found the standing work to be an excellent challenge I needed, and gave me great insight on what I need to work on next in my recovery. Thank you so much!
thank you - it was a beautiful class
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Deidra, I'm glad that you enjoyed the class and found some useful tools. Pepper, "beautiful class" is a high compliment. Thank you both.
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