Hip Release Reformer
Anthony Lett
Class 1924

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Yikes, I certainly need(ed) this and coming back to this will be awesome!
For me (an experienced student) there weren't enough alignment cues to know exactly what I was doing. For example, in the adductor stretch I was confused about where each foot was supposed to be pointing, and my knees were feeling very funky on the carriage (they have a "weird" angle I guess) so I would have appreciated some more details on how to make adjustments. I also didn't always understand what direction to rotate into when re-stretching-- but I'll probably get more out of it the second time around. :) And finally, while it's nice to see a super-flexible model demonstrate, when it comes to stretching I would find it more helpful to see someone with average flexibility, which is surely the group who would benefit the most from this! 
But again, all this aside, this is super good for me and as a new Reformer owner I can now do this regularly! Yay!
Thank you!  This is an amazing way to stretch all the hip muscles and joints.  Wow!
My hips say thank you!!!!  I will be back. 
Amazing to revisit this series both mine and my clients bodies loved these movements so much. Thank you Anthony. Post Melbourne lockdown no. 5 has been a struggle. Perfect antidote
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