Reformer on the Wunda Chair
Dana Santi
Class 1937

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Very creative!! Very well done!! Thanks Dana
Excellent! As I am in TT I learned a lot from this class. As a student in training, What I find important to hear are the names of the exercises, the settings, reps and your great explanations of the movement and areas of focus.
Thank you both very much.
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Dana this class was really amazing, thank you!
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Loved it!
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Your student participating was AMAZING! This is crazy hard!
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Hopefully over time and practice I will become flexible enough to do this justice.. my fave so far
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This felt so amazing.  Thanks Dana for making me love the Wunda again:)))))
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How fantastic to mimic the reformer on this amazing piece of equipment.  Thank you for your innovation and imagination :) 
Wow, challenging class awesome, love the reformer exercises on the wunda chair, thanks!
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