Mat Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 1951

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Loved it! Simplicity and precision.
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Just what I needed after a somewhat inactive few days!
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Nice and gentle.
Kim, thank you!
I always like to keep my class simple, but with precision.
I'm glad the message came through:)
Zila, thank you.
I think I need it too!
Thank you Brenda!
Please see my other classes on PA (Spine corrector and Reformer).
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Had a great time with this class. Lots of laughing due to the foam roller. Really great class, nice and short with a lot of great work. Nice and relaxing tone of voice and great cues for me and my hubby doing this class.
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Love using this prop. Fantastic class. Thank you.
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Thank you Nagi! Perfect Friday afternoon pick-me-up! My body feels like I've had a massage now:)
Leonard, thank you for the comment.
I love using the Foam Roller too, you can do so much with it:)
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