Mat Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 1951

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Rena, thank you.
Even if there is no myofascial release, just working on the foam roller is a massage for the spine!
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Thank you, Nagi. I especially loved the warm-up...simple but precise and comprehensive. You're right you can do so much with the foam roller!!
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Thank you!! Great class!
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Great use of the foam roller, was a wonderful quick morning exercise to wake me up before work! I found it great for my back pains as well, it massaged them quite nicely. Thanks Nagi and PA team x
Thank you Ann!
You're right, I like to keep my warm ups simple, but enough to prepare for the later exercises.
Hope you will take a look at my other classes!
Hi Erin,
Thank you for attending!!
I hope to see you again:)
Phoebe, thank you for the comment.
I love using it in the morning too!
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Cool! Thank you!
Thanks Avishag!
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Loved it! Simplicity and precision. Thank you!
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