Mat Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 1951

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Thank you Monika,
Simplicity and precision are two things I keep in mind when teaching. And of course having fun!
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Whew, I will feel those side planks tomorrow! Great class, the 30 minutes flew by.
Hi Miss Nicole,
Thank you, love to hear that 30 mins flew by!
Thank you Rachael,
Happy to hear you like the class! Yes, there's usually a lot of laughing with the FR. Hope you have fun with you hubby with other classes:)
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Loved this so much!! It was over before I even realized. Lovely flow and a nice challenge in the postures - I felt my serious face in the part you noted, too, and softened it and smiled. Thank you. I hope to see more of you here!
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Brilliant class! I often feel that the foam roller is under-utilised in mat classes, so thank you for this!
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Great class, I like the foam roller. I enjoyed the excercises.
Hi Catherine,
Thank you for watching and having a good time! I have more videos so please watch them:)
Thank you Sarah!
It's all about creativity, keeping in mind safety first.
Hope this gives some good ideas!
MBrigitta, I love the foam roller too! Thank you for watching.
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