Methodology: Teach Pilates
Rael Isacowitz
Workshop 2006

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Susan ~ This workshop does not have CECs available. Here is a list of all of our workshops with CECs. I hope you like them!
Thank you for breaking it down into ten steps. "Do not let your ego hijack your career" is my personal favorite. Far too often, people let their egos take over in their careers and it is a dangerous path for anyone to get stuck on. Rael reminded us to be an 'enthusiastic' learner of Pilates. This is the best advice. No one ever masters their profession. There is always something new to be discovered. Keep your child sense of wonder with you at all times.
Dear Maestro! I didn't have a chance yet to attend personally one of your workshops/classes, I'm a BASI student graduate under Karen Clippinger. Thank you for share your heart on this workshop, I start practice Pilates to help my self as a dancer and one day I realized that I could be helping people with it and that became my passion. These guidelines are going to be part of everyday life from now on. From my heart I thank you much for the teachings.
Rael, your knowledge, experience and most of all your enthusiasm is a GREAT inspiration for any student and teacher. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I will be watching this again and again.
Hi, I cant play beyond the first 5 minutes of this workshop. Can somebody please advise as to what the problem is? Thanks
Nicola I will forward your message to Pilates Anytime in case they do not see this posting. I hope you get to watch it, and enjoy it.
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Nicola ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble playing this video. I recommend restarting your computer or device to clear away the other processes that are running. If you continue to have trouble after trying this, please contact us.
Super video, full of inspiration for your 'students'. Thank you Rael Isacowitz
Dear Rael,
I'm a Basi Pilates Teacher from Italy.
I'm so happy to understand that I 'm in a good way. Theare are something in this method that bring you,with your personal time and if you are an open mind body person, to understand what you say if you practice every day. 
There is one thing that I repeat all time, that is: integrity.
Is an illumination for me when I listened from you.
I understand what means when I realized that I was doing not also exercises, but meditation in motion. I was integrate my mind with my body, my muscles with my bones, and my blood with my heart...
so when I teach at my clients I explen this great important to be present and integrated. Thank's Rael to be my mentor.
Some time I take courage and came to you.

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Dear Paola, thank you for your beautiful words. I am so pleased that my teaching and the BASI principles resonate with you. I would love you to come and study with me anywhere and anytime.  All the very best!
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