Methodology: Teach Pilates
Rael Isacowitz
Workshop 2006

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I loved the energy and enthusiasm of this workshop, as well as the format of demonstrating exercises mixed in with amazing tips and the emphasis on the overall philosophy of the method. It was really helpful for me as a beginner instructor to look beyond just trying to get all the cues out and the choreography correct. I especially liked the point about ego. I enjoy being constantly humbled by realizing that I still know nothing - just about every couple of weeks/months after I digest and implement some new knowledge and the ego starts creeping in telling me how I'm finally progressing so well and becoming so great :) Then boom! More learning and more reminders that it's a lifelong process. Hearing this workshop also once again reinforced my belief that I've chosen the right profession, after ten thousand hours plus in an entirely different business.
Ivan, thank you so much for taking this workshop and for your comments. I can honestly say that the more I approach both my teaching and life in general with greater humility, the rewards grow exponentially. My father enlightened me about this when I was 15. I am now 65 and my only regret is that I cannot thank him as he is long gone. Yet his spirit continues to guide me each and every day. All the best and stay well.
I could feel your energy through the screen. Guess what? I'm falling in love with your passion to Pilates. I want to be like you and spread the energy to my surroundings. 

Thanks for being a mentor for all of us. Thanks for being in a Pilates world. Thanks for this video :) 
I'm new in this...and I love the Rael's passion is really inspiring, but this workshop is not what I expected, is not about how teach pilates specifically but most in general like you can be inspired to teach pilates. Any workshop about good cueing? thanyou.
Sophie, I appreciate your beautiful words. They mean a lot to me. It is my privilege to be a mentor to others, and I do not take that honor lightly. I will always give 100%, and my reward is words like yours. Thank you!
Gasper, I am sorry this workshop did not meet your expectations. I am sure there are others on Pilates Anytime that are more geared more to what you are looking for. All the best.
Gaspar ~ We are happy to help you find what you are looking for. Please email us at for recommendations.
Thank you
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