Reformer Workout
Melissa Connolly
Class 2093

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Although not pregnant this classwas perfect. More from Melissa please:)))
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Well my goodness not many comments and why not? This was a beautiful experience. I'm ready for my day. Thank you so much Melissa I love all your classes no matter what condition you find yourself, I'm in! I am the mother of 4 so hang in there! Thanks for keeping things going!
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Can you be specific as to why you don't recommend this class for those past 24 weeks? I'm working with a women who's at 28-29 weeks. Thanks. I love this flow.
Excellent cueing and great flow in this class!!
What a great class!! I love Melissa's style and cueing with her teaching.
A fantástic class!!
If the class was this fabulous with you 24 weeks pregnant, I'd be scared of you Melissa on a normal day! :) Please keep the videos coming!
Great class! Thanks, Melissa!

Wonderful class! I'm 24 weeks too and it was a perfect blend. Thank you!
Love this class!!
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