Reformer Workout
Melissa Connolly
Class 2093

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Love the fluid flow of this class. Thank you. Wishing you all the best Melissa!
I am 26 weeks pregnant and this workout was perfect! Thank you for providing athletic workouts for mamas to be:)
Fantastic class! I absolutely loved it!
LOVED this class! It felt so fantastic to move at a quick pace, get a little burn, but also know everything was totally safe and I wouldn't have to figure out how to modify on the spot.

I'd love to see more prenatal reformer classes--even seeing teachers who aren't currently pregnant teaching pregnant clients. It feels so good to move on the reformer while pregnant!
Thank you, Melissa. Not pregnant, but I really enjoyed this class for the extra attention to glutes and arms! Great pace and flow! I'm late in watching so baby has arrived by now; hope everyone is happy and healthy!
Really enjoyed this class!!
Awesome workout - can't wait to teach it to my pregnant client! Thank you, Melissa !
wonderful class, great flow and cueing. Worked up a sweat. I needed to go slightly heavier on springs for some of the movements, but I will definitely be doing this one again! Thank you!!
Really nice instruction. I love this workout for all bodies! A tip: try unlocking your elbows whenever positioned on your hands. It will take the strain out of the joints and engage the tricep, ant serratus, lats,etc more. It'll connect your arms more deeply into your abs. Your young body can tolerate the hyper extension now but it'll take a toll.
great workout for anyone - you don't need to be pregnant to do this reformer session. completely lovely.
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